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  • Essential Tips For Smart Refrigerator Maintenance

    The refrigerator keeps most foods in very good condition for a few days to weeks, depending on the type of food. The temperature of the maintenance chamber should be on average between 2 °, and 5 ° C. Modern refrigerators have special areas and shelves (such as the crockery drawer and the chiller safe drawer) with clear indications of the food we need to store. In the specific area. This is because the cooling temperature is specifically set for the particular food, such as meat that is preferably stored at the lowest possible temperature (chiller safe). Thus, we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions as accurately as possible for food placement and proper temperature regulation. However, We make sure to?store the food in small quantities?(cut large pieces of meat, cheese, share cooked food, etc.) to cool the food faster and faster.

    Slowly place them in the refrigerator, one at a time, to facilitate air circulation and cook food evenly.

    We wrap up the most sensitive foods (such as?meat, poultry and fish)) on a membrane and stored in the special refrigerator drawers provided by the manufacturer. In fact, meat, fish and poultry should be consumed no later than 48 hours after storage. Especially for meat (e.g. a fillet), it can be kept for an additional 1-2 days if placed in a tray and covered with olive oil.

    The?milk?and?dairy products must?be stored on the refrigerator shelves. It is advisable not to store milk in the refrigerator door. Although with the no-frost system, the cooling is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator through the air ducts, the refrigerator door is the first to be exposed to ambient temperature every time we open it. At the door, we prefer to store refreshments, alcoholic, mustard and ketchup and more durable, longer-lasting foods.

    In general, cheeses and sausages should be purchased in small quantities and consumed immediately, as they are more sensitive and lose their organoleptic properties faster. We also keep the slice in its brine (when supplied in such a package) or otherwise store it in a tray. As for sausages, because when we cut them into slices, they start spoiling immediately, it is good to buy them in pieces and cut them ourselves.

    The?herbs?we can stretch out on a griddle. On the bottom, place a damp paper towel. Put the herbs on top and again moisten the kitchen paper, which retains their natural moisture.

    The?eggs place?them one at a time in the designated refrigerator space, marking the expiry date which is stated on the package. Also, it is not advisable to wash them, as many advise, as the eggshell is surrounded by a membrane (not visible to us) that protects the egg externally, shielding it from any contamination.

    The?cooked food?place them in the fridge in Tupperware, after “cool” after that let them reach room temperature. And this is because, in the opposite case, the refrigerator compartment is heated, a change that can affect the rest of the stored food. In addition, the device should consume extra energy to restore the previously prevailing temperature.

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